Battery powered digital pressure gauge, ceramic membrane Typ: ME35

Accuracy class 0,5 FS
NG 80
Power supply 24 V DC
includes relay contacts


Service intended:
Battery powered digital pressure gauge for gaseous and liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system. Suitable for all standard applications or for mobile pressure monitoring.

Fields of application:
● Plant and mechanical engineering
● Mobile installations
● Measuring and testing systems

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stainless steel 304SS
Degree of protection
IP 54 per EN 60529/IEC 529
Pressure connection
G1/4B per EN 837-1, stainless steel 304SS
Sensing element
Ceramic sensor
Pressure and overpressure ranges
see table page
Measuring rate
3 measurements per second
Accuracy per IEC 61298-2
0,5 % FS
Long time stability
+/- 0,2 FS/Jahr
4 digits LED-display, height of digits 14 mm unit switchable ( PSI, bar, MPa)
Relay contacts
1 x normally open 1 x normally closed
Switching power
3A at 24V DC 5A at 220 V AC 3A at 380 V AC
Power supply
24V DC 220 V AC 380 V AC
Permissible temperatures Tmin / Tmax
Operating temperature -20...+60 °C
0,4 kg
Optional extras
see Technical Details
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