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A down-to-earth company with success

The success story of the company Jünemann Mess- und Regeltechnik starts in 1978, when the newly founded company started in Bad Salzuflen, in the premises of a former bakery, and took a good path right from the start.

After only three years of existence, the company was converted into a limited liability company and the first production hall with social and office wing was built. Further important chapters in this success story were the two subsequent hall extensions in 1986 and 1993.

We are working with high pressure on our success story

With the hall extension in 1993, the company Jünemann Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH simultaneously expanded its core competencies: The production program was expanded and in addition to pressure and temperature measuring instruments, the corresponding sensors were now also manufactured in the Jünemann halls.

Five years later, the digital age of pressure and temperature measuring instruments arrived in Bad Salzuflen and Jünemann Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH integrated this division into its production processes. In 2004 the important investment in laser welding, cutting and marking technology was made, with which the company rounded off its modern machinery.

In order to ensure that everything is always under one roof with this variety of products and services, the company invested in an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) for administration, sales and production in 2005.

On January 1, 2016 the company Armatherm Fabrik technischer Messinstrumente GmbH & Co.KG in Lemgo was bought by the partner Manfred Jünemann. In the past months, synergy effects have been created from the new connection, which have increased the performance of both companies and will continue to do so. The advantage for our customers is, among other things, the purchase of all pressure and temperature measurement technology products from one source.

To the beginning of 2020, the company PIPA Messinstumente and its customer base were acquired and integrated into the company Manfred Jünemann Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH and the company Armatherm Fabrik technischer Messintrumente GmbH & Co. KG.

We work solidly, future-oriented and with respect for the environment

Today, Jünemann Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH is a renowned system supplier for pressure and temperature measurement technology. That all investments and efforts of the past have fully paid off so far, is shown by our satisfied customers and our production capacity utilization equally.

To ensure that this remains so, we always follow our proven principles, which at Jünemann GmbH are the basis for a down-to-earth and long-term successful company.

Our guidelines

1. we are a company focused on the latest technologies and aim to be one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in the field of manufacturing and distribution of measuring and control devices and their components.
2. our goal is to offer our customers products and services of the highest value.
3. technical know-how, motivation and team spirit of our employees are the basis for our company’s success.
4. we want to generate sustainable profit as a prerequisite for securing the future of our company on the one hand, and for the existence of jobs on the other.
5. through constructive, long-term and trusting relationships, we want to ensure a partnership with all employees, customers and suppliers.
6. we see ourselves as part of the international economies and feel committed to the societies and our environment.

Milestones of the company

1978 : Start of the production of diaphragm pressure gauges
1979 : Start of production expansion to tubular and capsule spring pressure gauges
1980 : Start of production expansion to differential pressure gauges
1981 : New construction of a production hall with office and social wing, total area 375 m²
1986 : 1st expansion of the production area to 975 m²
1993 : 2nd expansion of the production area to 1.725 m²
1993 : Start of pressure sensor production
1995 : Start of temperature sensor production
1998 : Start of development and production of digital pressure and temperature measuring instruments
2004 : Introduction of laser technology in the production process
2005 : Introduction of an ERP system for administration and production
2005 : Restructuring of the homepage
2006 : Implementation of a PPS system
2008 : Installation of workstations at all workstations to optimize the adjustment of measuring instruments
2009 : Change of brazing processes by investing in an induction brazing machine
2012 : Installation and commissioning of a calibration room for pressure and temperature measurments
2014 : Introduction of digital printing technology for the production of dials
2016 : Takeover of Armatherm Fabrik technische Messgeräte GmbH & Co. KG (www.armatherm.de)
2020 : Takeover of company PIPA Messinstrumente
2020 : Relaunch of webseite in new technologie standards
2021: Development and marketing of measuring devices with LoRa® radio standard

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