Surface resistance thermometers Pt100 Typ: T65

Cable connection
Temperature range:  -70 to +200 °C
Measuring element: Pt 100

Service intended: These rugged thermometers are well suited for cylindric surfaces, in laboratory areas, in chemicals and pharmaceutical industry, in medicine and electronic industry as well.

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Platinum winding in a flat, flexible silicon or aluminium clothing
Temperature element
Measurement resistance per DIN EN 60751, 1 x Pt100 with 4-wire circuit
Load Pt100
see Technical Details page 11.2702
Electrical connection
Teflon®-isulated Standard, cable length 1,50 m
Temperature range Tmin / Tmax
-70 °C ... +200 °C
Accuracy class
Class A per DIN EN 60751, ±(0,15 + 0,002 °C x |t|) Class B per DIN EN 60751, ±(0,3 + 0,005 °C x |t|)
Optional extras
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