Differential pressure gauge, brass Typ: DK10

static pressure rating up to 600 mbar
NG 100 and 160
Accuracy class 1,6

Service intended:
Suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system.
Scale range  must be selected in consideration of the highest static pressure applied.

Fields of application:
● pneumatics
● air conditioning technology
● Filter measurements

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similary EN 837-3
Ø 100 and 160 mm stainless steel
Protection class
IP 68 per EN 60529 / IEC 529
Pressure connection
2 x Tubeconnection, ø 6 mm identified + and -
Pressure element
Capsule, copper alloy
Base and cover plate, brass Dive Shaft, nickel silver
Aluminium, black
Aluminium white, scale and lettering black
Laminated safety glass
Zero point adjustment
Adjusting screw in dial
Accuracy class
class 1,6
Temperature error, Tref 20°C
rising temperature: +0,3 % of FS/ 10 K Falling temperature: -0,3 % of FS/ 10 K
Ambient temperature Tmin / Tmax
-20 ... +60 °C
Medium temperature Tmax
Working pressure
< 25 mbar: 6 x full scale value > 25 mbar: 10 x x full scale value
Static pressure rating
ø 100 mm: maximum 600 mbar ø 160 mm: maximum 400 mbar
Optional extras
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